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Children's Birthday Cakes

Please scroll down to see some examples of our Children's Birthday Cakes. Click an image to enlarge. Use our Cake Portions Guide to work out what size you would like your cake. Please note, the designs below are just a small sample of our work........anything is possible! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Opening times - 10am - 4pm Tues - Sat

  • humpty dumpty birthday cake
  • building blocks birthday cake
  • power rangers birthday cake
  • clown circus birthday cake
  • fairies 1st birthday cake
  • ben 10 birthday cake
  • teddy bear 1st birthday cake
  • mario birthday cake
  • mr potato head cake
  • fairy_cake_600
  • mickey mouse birthday cake
  • princess_600
  • moshi_monster_600
  • farm_600
  • princess_pirate_600
  • peppa_600
  • minnie_600
  • lego_600
  • rapunzel_600
  • dora_600
  • fireman_sam_600
  • mickey_cupcakes_600

Birthday Cake Traditions

The cake, or sometimes a pastry or dessert, is served to a person on his or her birthday. In contemporary Western cultures, two rituals are prominent: the singing of the traditional birthday song and the blowing out of candles decorating the cake by the birthday person. The service of a birthday cake is often preceded by the singing of "Happy Birthday to You" in English speaking countries, or an equivalent birthday song. In fact, the phrase "Happy Birthday" did not appear on birthday cakes until the song "Happy Birthday to You" was popularized in the early 1900s. Variations on birthday song rituals exist. For example, in New Zealand, "Happy Birthday to You" is sung and is followed by clapping, once for each year of the person's life and once more for good luck. In Uruguay, party guests touch the birthday person's shoulder or head following the singing of "Happy Birthday to You". In Ecuador, sometimes the birthday person will take a large bite off the birthday cake before it is served. The birthday cake is often decorated with small taper candles, secured with special holders or simply pressed down into the cake. In North America, Australasia and the U.K., the number of candles is equal to the age of the individual whose birthday it is, sometimes with one extra for luck. Traditionally, the birthday person makes a private wish, which will be realized if all the candles are extinguished in a single breath. In North America, birthday cake is sometimes served with ice cream. A birthday cake is shared amongst all the people attending a birthday party. This represents sharing of joy and togetherness. As a courtesy, it reflects one's hospitality and respect for guests. wikipedia

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